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Handy Pump with Filter & Hose

Handy Pump with Filter & Hose ~ Pompe à pile avec filtre et tuyau ~ Pompa funzionante a pile con accessori ~ Praktische Batterie Pumpe ~ Bomba manual ~ Handy Pump
Product Code: 3286
Just like our standard version, this easy-to-use portable pump is perfect for emptying out those last dregs in the bilge or water tanks, emptying ponds or aquariums, and transferring fuel. It has a solid 45cm intake pipe that can be poked into awkward spaces, through narrow inspection hatches and into Gerry cans. This upgraded version of the pump also offers: • 2-stage filter stops pump being clogged by debris • Longer, 1.7m, outlet hose with separate nozzle trigger • ‘Rose’ attachment for watering plants, car/boat washing, or even as a shower! • Storage hook, which can also be used when setting up a semi-permanent installation - for example in a water butt. Using two D-cell batteries it pumps 9-litres (2.4-gal) of water, petrol, diesel, light oil, or agricultural chemicals per minute.
Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions 66cm
Material Plastic

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