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Mayflower, 33cm

Mayflower, 33cm ~ Maquette "Mayflower", 33cm ~ Mayflower, 33cm ~ Mayflower, 33 cm ~ Mayflower, 33cm ~ Mayflower, 33cm
Product Code: 7539

In the autumn of 1620, a group of English and Dutch puritans, believing that the Church had strayed too far from Christ’s teachings, set out to establish a colony in the New World where they could practice their religion free from persecution. With 102 pilgrims and around 30 crew on board, Mayflower departed Plymouth for what is now New England on a voyage that would last two months in treacherous conditions. This journey has become an iconic chapter in American history, and our models pay tribute to the ship which remains a popular historic symbol today. They are budget-priced and offer an all-wood construction with canvas sails. 33cm.

Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions 33cm
Weight 375g

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