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SkimGuard Active - twin pack

SkimGuard Active - twin pack ~SkimGuard Active - twin pack ~SkimGuard Active - twin pack ~SkimGuard Active - twin pack ~SkimGuard Active - twin pack ~SkimGuard Active - twin pack
Product Code: 2521
This product has a minimum quantity of 4
Did you know the data on your contactless payment cards and biometric passports is not secure? 
Identity thieves, with easy-to-obtain equipment, can ‘skim’ your data from up to a metre away, whilst your cards are still in your pocket or bag. They use technology adapted from genuine payment card terminals, and concealed in a backpack, to copy details from hundreds of cards per day, which they use to commit fraud and sell online to other criminals.
Don’t be a victim of ‘Skimming’. 
SKIMGUARD Active automatically and silently protects all the cards in your wallet by instantly responding to, and jamming, the inbound radio waves used to collect your data. It creates a 4”, 360º, field of protection, offering up to nine times more protection than any other RFID-shielding solution on the market.

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