3" Brass Handbell

3" Brass Handbell ~ Cloche à main 3'' ~ Campana da tavolo 3'' ~ 3" Handglocke ~ Campanilla de Latón 75 mm ~ Handbell, cast brass, 3"
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We have supplied these brass handbells to Town Criers worldwide, from London to Niagara. They are just as good for summoning recalcitrant teenagers to the dinner table! Made from sand-cast solid brass machined and polished to an immaculate sheen, with a craftsman-turned hardwood handle. ENGRAVING. Our experienced staff can personalise your handbell with deep-cut engraving of house or boat name, or commemorative message for a special occasion such as an anniversary or retirement.
Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions Handbell, cast brass, 3"
Material Brass

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