Grunt! Boat Cleaner 1L

Grunt! Boat Cleaner 1L ~ Grunt! Nottoyant pour Bateau 1L ~ Detergente GRUNT! ( 1 L ) - per linea di galleggiamento, macchie di ruggine ecc. ~ Grunt! Bootsreiniger 1 L ~ Grunt! Limpiador barco 1L ~ Grunt! Boat Cleaner 1L
Grunt boat cleaner, does exactly that – it takes the GRUNT! out of cleaning your boat. Ugly yellow/brown waterline stains, rust stains from fittings, bird lime and limescale stains, exhaust stains - sound familiar? Grunt boat cleaner is specifically designed to make cleaning these hard-to-shift nasty stains from your boat an easy task, so easy in fact you won’t believe it! Grunt boat cleaner penetrates into the gelcoat pores and using a mild chemical reaction gently neutralises and absorbs the staining without affecting the gelcoat in any way. The stain can then be simply washed away with a sponge and water. To use Grunt boat cleaner simply apply to the stained area – wait 30 minutes or so while Grunt does the work, and rinse off, it really is that simple! Grunt boat cleaner is formulated as a liquid gel in order to adhere to vertical and overhead surfaces. Whilst primarily designed for use on fibreglass boats, Grunt boat cleaner also works brilliantly on most two-part marine paint systems and yacht enamels typically used on steel or timber boats. Contains NO harsh oxalic, muriatic or hydrochloric acids.
Brand Boat Buddy
Dimensions 1L

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