Miniature Naval Sword

Miniature Naval Sword ~ Coupe papier, Miniature Épée ~ TagliaCarte, Spada Royal Navy ~ Miniatur Marine Schwert ~ Espada naval en miniatura ~ Военно-морской меч (в миниатюре)
The days when swords were used in battle may be long past, but Her Majesty's Navy still demands the very finest standards for those worn by its officers on ceremonial occasions; they cost £1,000 each. In this intricately detailed 1:3 scale (approximately) replica the hilt, backplate and lion head pommel are gold-plated alloy castings, and the blade is stainless steel. It's beautifully crafted - truly remarkable value - and also has a practical use as a very effective letter opener. Length 30cm. Comes in presentation box. 
Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions 30cm

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