Muggi Mug Holder - Blue

Muggi Mug Holder - Blue ~ Muggi porte-tasses/verres - bleu ~ Muggi Vassoio Porta tazze o bicchieri - blu ~ Muggi Becherträger blau ~ Soporte de tazones Muggi -Azul ~ Muggi Подставка для чашки/кружки - Голубая
This product has a minimum quantity of 2
Unlike most trays, this ingenious design holds your mugs, glasses, or bottles securely in four moulded slots, and its rubber feet won’t slip when you put it down. Originally conceived for use when sailing in rough seas, it’s lighter and much easier to carry in one hand than a tray (vital when you need your other hand free to hold on!), and safer than carrying hot cups individually. If you’re not a round-the-world yachtsman, it’s equally useful in the garden, workshop, caravan, or campsite. The non-absorbent material is durable, easy to clean, and insulates to keep your drinks warmer (or cooler) for longer.
Brand Muggi
Dimensions 20x20x7cm
Material Plastic

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