Aluminium Concorde Sculpture, 32cm

Aluminium Concorde Sculpture, 32cm ~ Concorde en Aluminium, 32cm ~ Modellino Concorde, 32cm, alluminio ~ Alu Concorde Modell, 32cm ~ Escultura Concorde de aluminio, 32cm ~ Aluminium Concorde Sculpture, 32cm

The dream of a future where people would travel the world at twice the speed of sound became a reality when Concorde made her first test flight on 2 March 1969, and ‘went supersonic’ on 1 October the same year. She then entered service with British Airways and Air France in 1976 and took her final commercial flight on 24 October 2003, having completed more than 50,000 flights.  In tribute, our Concorde desk sculpture has been cast in solid aluminium and polished to a high sheen such that its subtle curves and angles catch the light.

Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions L32xW12xH13cm
Material Aluminium
Weight 445g

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