Antique-style Armillary Sphere, 30cm

Antique-style Armillary Sphere, 30cm ~ Sphère Armillaire, 30cm ~ Sfera armillare stile antico 30cm ~ Armillary Kugel antik, 30 cm ~ Esfera celeste 30cm ~ Armillary Sphere, antique, 30cm
The armillary sphere shows the Earth (a central ball) surrounded by rings (armilla in Latin) which represent the great circles of the heavens. It was widely used during the 17th and 18th centuries in scientific debates over the relative merits of the competing central Earth and central Sun theories. Our simplified, decorative brass versions make handsome ornaments for the desk or garden. Made from solid machined brass with an antique finish.
Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions 30cm