Brass Centre Bracket

Brass Centre Bracket ~ 4505 avec vis (laiton) ~ Sostegno passante centrale per corrimano, ottone ~ Handlaufhalter Messing mit Fixierschraube ~ Pasador central para cabo (latón) ~ Centre bracket, brass
  • Brass Centre Bracket
Please order in metres. Companionway ropes are an attractive and different way to create a handrail for use on stairs, either in the home or on boats. The 1" (25mm) thick ropes come in different materials, according to the colour chosen. Soft 3-strand matt polyester comes in bright red, burgundy, royal blue, navy blue and black; 3-strand matt polypropylene for white and gold; and a hardwearing polypropylene for the natural hemp colour. All the fittings are in solid polished brass with optional chrome plating, which enhances the strong rope colours. Attaching rope fittings is a simple operation but if necessary, we will assemble the fittings for £2.50 per fitting. Our craftsmen will also tie a monkey-fist knot on the end as an attractive alternative to a hook. If in doubt we will be happy to advise. If the Companionway Rope is to be used as a handrail on stairs, allow an extra 10% on the overall measurement, to create a pleasant "droop". WHEN STATING MEASUREMENTS, PLEASE USE METRES.
Brand Nauticalia
Material Brass

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