Brass Pocket Weather Forecaster

Brass Pocket Weather Forecaster ~ Station météo de poche (UK) ~ Indicatore delle previsioni meteo inglesi (tascabile) ( solo per UK ) ~ Wettervorhersager UK ~ Meteorólogos de bolsillo ~ Карманный предсказатель погоды
  • Brass Pocket Weather Forecaster
This little pocket forecaster, only 2" in diameter, is remarkably reliable for predicting general weather conditions in and around the British Isles in conjunction with a pressure reading from a barometer, and was a favoured instrument 90 years ago. Based on established meteorological principles, it is easy to read and inexpensive. Made of solid brass with a clear acrylic centre disc, the detailed tables and readings are acid-etched and picked out in black paint. In leather carrying case with instructions. Works in UK only.
Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions 5cm