Antimicrobial Shower Mat 50x50cm

Antimicrobial Shower Mat 50x50cm ~ Tapis de douche antidérapant antimicrobien, 43x90cm ~ Tappetino antiscivolo / antimicrobico, 50x50cm ~ Antimikrobielle Duschmatte 50x50 cm ~ Alfombra de ducha antimicrobios 50x50cm ~ Antimicrobial Shower Mat 50x50cm
A cushioned non-slip mat is essential in a bath or shower to ensure a safe footing, but they often attract unsightly mildew. These ones are impregnated throughout (not just coated) with a silver-based technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould, yet is completely safe for humans. Free draining and machine washable, and independently tested to the new Slip Resistant standard BS8445:2012.
Brand Isagi
Dimensions 50x50cm
Material StayPut(R)

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