Stay Put Tablemats (6), indigo

Stay Put Tablemats (6), indigo ~ Set de table/dessous de verre (6), bleu foncé ~ Set di 6 Tovagliette/sottobicchieri antiscivolo - Stay Put - Blu scuro ~ 6-fach Platzset und Untersetzer indigo ~ Salvamanteles antideslizante (6) ( Blanco) ~ Нескользящие скатерти (6) темно-синие
These placemats and coasters are ideally-sized for protecting tabletops and for preventing items from slipping on trays etc. They are made from non-slip foam, which is melded onto a polyester mesh. The unique manufacturing process produces a hardwearing fabric which is not sticky or stretchy, but grips on both sides. It is durable, with an attractive open-weave structure that allows air to circulate - perfect for marine environments. They are washable and available in a range of colours. Set of six rectangular placemats (12x 18"), with six round coasters (4" diameter).
Brand Isagi
Dimensions 30x46cm
Material StayPut(R)