Cadet Telescope x2.5mag in Box

Cadet Telescope x2.5mag in Box ~ Télescop x2.5mag - Cadet, avec boîte ~ Telescopio cadetto - Ingr. 2.5 - con scatola ~ Teleskop x2.5fach - Kadet, in Box ~ Telescopio x 2,5 mag en caja ~ Telescope x2.5mag - Cadet, boxed
This short-draw telescope is well balanced making it light and easy to use. Its 2.5x magnification makes it great for quick enlargement of things relatively close by, such as ships in a harbour, rather than high magnification, long distance work where a much longer, and thus heavier telescope would be required. Solid brass leather bound telescope presented in a polished wooden box with brass inlay corners and anchor motif. Telescope extends to 18cm, box measures 12x6cm.
Brand Nauticalia
Dimensions 12x6cm